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Markus VIP Security

Licence of the Police Department № PA-473-TU

The Estonian Bodyguard Agency Markus VIP Security was established in 2003. We are the only private security unit in Estonia that provides Close protection for clients within the country and abroad.

Our professional attitude towards the work we do has earned us a high reputation among our local and foreign colleagues and partners with whom we have had mutually beneficial cooperation for many years.

The staff of Markus VIP Security abide by the code of honor and professional responsibility. We always take the necessary measures to ensure client's safety but we also never forget about the comfort of our clients.

The close protection officers of Markus VIP Security have undergone special trainings and courses in European countries and in Russia. They have international bodyguard certificates and constantly reinforce and improve their professional qualifications by taking part in international competitions, workshops and trainings.

The staff of Markus VIP Security has a great experience in working with VIP and business clients in unstable regions all over the world. We objectively assess our possibilities and limitations when provide the clients with protection in high-risk environment.

Since 2003 The Estonian Bodyguard Agency Markus VIP Security is the official representative of the International Professional Bodyguard League (IPBL) in Estonia.

The International Professional Bodyguard League consolidates hundreds of professional bodyguards and dozens of government and private security services. Being the representative of such a big international organization is a recognition of our professionalism by close protection specialists.

Sergei Kustov

Markus VIP Security

Tartu mnt. 80C, 10112
Tallinn Estonia
+372 580 577 00
+372 565 23 55