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One of activities of the Estonian Bodyguard Agency Markus VIP Security is to provide education and training to government and private security personnel.

In 2004 we held a practical seminar on "VIP protection". The seminar gathered a big number of security specialists from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland.

In 2005 we had a full training course (128 hours) for personal protection officers. The trainers of this training course were highly qualified instructors of the International Professional Bodyguard League (IPBL).

During the last years the Estonian Bodyguard Agency Markus VIP Security has been one of the main organizers of practical seninars and training courses for professional education and development of security specialists.

All the practical workshops and training courses are conducted by instructors and specialists of the Protective Unit Markus VIP Security. We also invite specialist and the best in their fields instructors from well known organizations such as:

  • International Professional Bodyguard League (Russia)
  • Bodyguard Academy (Russia)
  • International Security Academy (Israel)

During our training courses the number of people never exceeds 15 in a group. That allows us to provide a thorough teaching that can be catered to the individual needs and every participant’s ability, experience and particular professional field.

All our professional education and development programs are based on a multilevel learning system.

Upon completion of the training course every participant gets an international diploma where the program of the course is specified.

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