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Close Protection

This training course is designed to develop practical protection skills that can be used in different situations and circumstances.

The program of this training course includes acquisition of seven basic skills of Close protection officer. Specifically:

  • tactics of close protection
  • protective shooting
  • close quarter battle (C.Q.B.)
  • protective driving
  • electronic surveillance device/improvised explosive device searching (ESD/IED)
  • paramedicine
  • law aspects of professional practice

There is also a possibility to undergo one or several skills of this training course. Duration of this specific course will depend on the skills and the number of participants.   

Tactic of operational groups

The program of this training course includes acquisition of following skills:

  • tactics of squad movement security during room/vehicle inspection
  • group interaction and communication
  • tactical shooting/firing drill using various weapons
  • tactical light technique in different light conditions
  • shielding
  • tactical maneuvers in different conditions

Tactical shooting

The tactical shooting course is ranked by difficulty. There are three levels. Security-wise, the level is determined by qualification and experience of participant.  

Basic level

  • weapons safety and fundamentals
  • different weapons carrying options and weapons-bearing
  • fast shooting
  • shooting/firing on the move
  • shooting moving targets
  • tactical reloading
  • shooting from concealed carry
Basic level is carried out with the use of handgun/pistol or rifle/shotgun.

Advanced level

  • shooting multiple targets
  • close range shooting
  • low-light shooting
  • tactical priority
  • threat and target identification
  • using weapons inside buildings and rooms (single story and multi level)
  • stoppages (malfunctions)
  • switch from basic weapon to backup weapon and back
  • pair or group communication
The advanced level  is carried out with the use of handgun/pistol or/and rifle/shotgun.  

Level "Specialist"

  • assault fire
  • ricochet shooting
  • using weapon in crowded areas
  • shield penetration
  • live fire and force on force exercises
  • tactical exercises in different conditions
The level "Specialist" is carried out with the use of handgun/pistol or/and rifle/shotgun.  

Counter assault and close quarter battle (CQB)

This training course is designed to teach forceful apprehension, convoy and counter assault tactics.

The program of this training course includes acquisition of following skills:

  • potential threat identification methods
  • preventive measures/actions against dangers
  • loss minimization and attacker blocking
  • threat suppression
  • attacker immobilization technique and attacker control
  • escort from vehicle
  • fighting technique
  • holding off an attack in space-limited environment (vehicle, lift and etc.)
  • holding off an attack in a crowded places
All the skills are applied to a scenario with one or multiple attackers.    

SWAT training

This training is conducted by highly qualified instructors, former officers of SWAT units, with real warfare experience.

Program of this training course is arranged in compliance with the clients requirements and specifications.  

Anti-Piracy training course

The Maritime security training course has two modules:

  • special maritime training is the basic course in the program that gives an insight into models of maritime terrorists (pirates), possible threats coming from the sea-side to the secure facilities (stationary and mobile), forms and methods of threat prevention actions. The course also includes general theory, vessels classification and construction, examination of surface and underwater security objects, tactical security and defence components and countermeasures against seizure of a vessel.
  • firearm training is a tactical advanced marksmanship course. It is designed to teach weapons handling skills considering the specific of cargo boats and passenger ships.
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