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Close Protection

Close protection services is a priority area of activity of the Estonian Bodyguard Agency Markus VIP Security. Our unit provides protection for client or a group of clients by one or a group of professional Close protection and Executive security officers. We also provide our clients with escort vehicles upon request.

Our Close protection principals are based on many years' practical experience and on the international methods. We keep pace with security situation in Estonia and abroad.

For many years the agency Markus VIP Security has provided Close protection services for many local and foreign businessmen, celebrities, private individuals and a number of delegations.

We supply our clients with interpreter or with a Close protection officers who possess sufficient knowledge of the language.

Our services depend on the client specific work or activity and also on the client requests. Our Close protection officers are available on one-time basis as well as on permanent basis.

The Estonian Bodyguard Agency Markus VIP Security offers highly qualified professional Close protection and Executive security officers. They are experienced and skilled and ready to carry out their duties in most parts of the world and provide protection for clients and members of their family including on holiday and business trips.


The Estonian Bodyguard Agency Markus VIP Security provides the clients with Driver-bodyguards on one-time basis as well as on permanent basis. Our Driver-bodyguards have undergone special trainings, possess sufficient knowledge of the extreme and evasive driving of executive vehicles and are able to assess traffic situation on different routes.

The main task of the Driver-bodyguard is to provide protection for client or a group of clients while traveling on the vehicle. The Driver-bodyguard also secure the vehicle during temporary parking and provides the necessary vehicle care.

ESD/IED searching

Today when the cutting-edge technologies are rapidly growing the risks of business espionage and blackmail have increased and become a pressing threat as the threat to personal security. Business espionage and blackmail can turn the course or even bring down the entire business. That is why we set a department of technical support that provides business information security.

ESD/IED searching includes search for radio electronic devises that illegally gather information and explosive devices placed in the vehicles or on the client's premises.

Our technical support specialists undergone special qualification trainings conducted by highly qualified instructors. The electronic equipment we use and our practical experience empower us to fight against the most devious methods of confidential information illegal gathering. Our specialists conduct ESD/IED searching work as for private clients as well as for companies. We work for those who know the value of confidential information.

Complex maintenance of visits

Complex VIP security services in our opinion are the best choice for business people and delegations that are coming to Estonia. These complete services will help to save time and stick to the specified plan while staying in the country.

We have worked with celebrities and business elite for many years so we are familiar with the client’s needs. We help the client to find a suitable hotel, rent a car or an executive vehicle for getting around the city and the country, provide selected qualified bodyguards and, if necessary, legal support. These are our paramount tasks in cooperation with our foreign clients.

Complex VIP security services include:
  • organization of arriving/departure with access to airport VIP-rooms
  • vehicle arrangements in accordance with the client request and appropriate protective measures
  • required number of close protection and security officers and driver-bodyguards
  • hotel room booking in accordance with the preferences of client and appropriate protective measures
  • ESD/IED searching of the rented vehicles, the hotel rooms and the places of visit (conference and confidence rooms, etc.)
  • law support services

Audit of protection

On the severe competitive market of security services in Estonia the potential client is faced with a problem of choosing the appropriate security structure that would meet the requirements and provide its services to the full extent. Even having made a decision on the security structure the client may get the service which is not providing his business with expected security protection, let alone life and health of the client and his family. In this regard protective unit Markus VIP Security offers audit service.

The audit includes selection and audit of staff. Main objective of the audit is to determine the compliance of employee qualifications with the requirements specified by the client. After the audit is completed the client will have a complete overview of the quality of security services.

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